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Plug-In™ Decoder For Bachmann K27 And C19 Locomotives

Price: $130.00
Out of Stock
Item Number: AIR K27/C19
Manufacturer: AIRWIRE
MFG Part No: AIR K27/C19
You will be delighted to discover that the new Plug-In Series AirWire decoders are designed to fit the DCC sockets found in newer locomotives like the Bachmann K27 and C19 steam locomotives. The new Plug-In decoder plugs directly into the existing socket. No rewiring of the locomotive is necessary. Included on the decoder are sockets to plug in the optional Phoenix P8 sound module and two of the optional Phoenix remote couplers. The decoder includes a built-in charging jack, battery protection fuse and connectors for the battery. Installation has never been easier.

New Architecture - New Features - New Benefits

Phoenix Coupler Drivers Included
– This decoder features ready-to-go sockets and activation circuitry to drive the new Phoenix remote couplers. Now it is easy and convenient to add remote couplers to your locomotive that will open up a whole new world of garden railroad operation. Since everything is built into the new Plug-In decoder, the expense of an extra coupler controller board is eliminated. This lowers the overall cost of adding this exciting new capability. The front coupler is activated with throttle function 3 and the rear coupler is activated with throttle function 13. Of course you may reassign them if desired.

New Radio Module - The Plug-In Series decoder features a new radio module that has improved performance and longer range. You may use either the included whip antenna or an optional remote antenna for better range.

Remote Frequency Setting - The Plug-In Series Decoder allows the popular feature of frequency setting direct from the throttle. No need to open the locomotive and twiddle tiny rotary switches. A total of 17 frequencies ensure jam-free operation and quick response to function commands.

Independent Control Of All Locomotive Lighting - In addition to the front and rear headlights, the new decoder allows independent control of the cab interior light, the front marker lights, and the firebox. These lights are all preassigned to specific throttle function keys. The assignments can be changed at any time.

Programmable Smoke Timer - New to this series is a smoke generator driver that now includes a programmable auto-off feature. After the user programmable time expires, the smoke generator is automatically shut off. Smoke driver is rated at 3 Amps.

120 WATT 10 AMP MOTOR DRIVER - Steam locomotives demand a lot of power when pulling heavy loads and negotiating tight curves and tall mountains. We didn’t skimp on the power rating – the Plug-In has a full 120 Watts of motor drive power. In addition, the built-in battery protection polyfuse is designed not to trip except under fault conditions. The locomotive will continue to run even when when it’s 110 degrees in the shade.

IMPROVED PRECISION MOTOR CONTROL - The Plug-In decoder uses a unique method and ultra-high precision to calculate each speed step value to provide you with exceptionally fine control and unequaled performance whether it is a low speed or a high speed setting. No matter what speed step setting is used, the Plug-In decoder provides the same smooth control control making locomotive speed control simple and easy.

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Product Reviews

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Perfect For bachmann C19
PERRISSOUD Jean-François (COURPIERE, 1) 7/8/2017 2:42 AM
I have install this decoder in my C19. I was a pleasure to do. Only an hour of work. The instruction manual is clear and complete. All you need to do is clearly listed and explain. The installation is easy and CVP have very well dessigned this product to fit modelers needs and the C19 engine. Every thing goes nicely in the tender, (batt3, phoenix P8 and CVP decoder). ON/OFF switches and charging jack are very easily accessible. The association with Pheonix P8 is perfect. No soldering is needed to install sound and decoder with the optionnal cable provided by CVP. The configuration is easy and well explained in the manual. The motor control is very SMOOTH !! It's great to see the C19 crawling at stable small speed. The optical Chuff cam provides a very nice and synchonised sound. Recommanded product !

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