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Item Number: AIR AWLK
Manufacturer: AIRWIRE

Linker - Selections and Connections


allows either an external DC power supply to be


plugged in or a 12 volt battery to be connected.

The DC power socket mates to a standard 2.0mm ID DC power plug.

CVP’s DCPS120 power supply plugs directly into the socket. The variable

DC output should be set to about 18 volts for best operation of LGB snap

action turnot motors. If using solenoids or relays, set the DCPS120 output

voltage to the voltage rating of the solenoid or relay.

If using a battery, proper polarity must be observed. Reversing the polarity

will not damage the Linker but it also will not work.

The Linker


does not automatically turn off after a period of no use. Be sure


to disconnect the battery if not used.


Do not use both inputs at the same time.

Fixed on Frequency 7

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 2

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 3

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 6

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 1

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 5

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 4

All other frequencies ignored

Fixed on Frequency 0

All other frequencies ignored

Scans all 8 frequencies

Normal Setting

Output pairs AorB

connect to the remote Activators. Use one or both at the same



The pluggable header accepts wire sizes ranging from 12AWG to 26AWG. If

using stranded wire, it must be twisted and tinned. Cut the stripped and tinned wire

so that it is completely inside the clamp area and keep the insulated portion outside

the clamp for a good connection.

To remove the plug from the socket, gently rock the plug back and forth

horizontally to release the locking tabs.

Replacement plugs are available from CVPProducts.


Heavy Duty Wiring is Required

Inadequate wiring will not allow the short circuit sensor

to work correctly and can pose a safety hazard. There is

almost no limit to the length of wire between the Linker

and the Activators. However, if going very long

distances, consider the use of #12AWG or #14AWG



turns on when power is





turns on whenever valid


throttle signals are detected. This light may

flash on and off which is normal. This

indicates some frequencies are not in use.



turns on any time there is a


short circuit or overload on the output wires.

In normal operation, this LED is off. During a

short circuit the alarm buzzer will also sound.

When the short or overload is corrected, the

buzzer and LED will turn off.



potentiometer (pot) sets the rate at which


the Linker scans each of the 8 frequencies. With the pot

rotated to the LO setting, there is a better chance of

receiving throttles that are a long distance from the

receiver. However, there is a better chance of missing

activation commands especially when many

frequencies are active.

With the pot set to HI, activation commands are almost

instantly received and acted upon. However, distant

throttles might not be received.

For most applications, place the pot in the middle of its

rotation range. This provides a good balance between

remote reception and fast activation.


Mode and

Frequency Select


The threaded aluminum rod is the

Linker’s antenna. It is shipped

unattached for protection.

Gently screw in the antenna through the

hole in the top of the case. The antenna

should be finger tight for best

performance – don't over tighten.

Do not obstruct, cover, or otherwise

allow anything to touch the antenna.

Do not carry or pull on the Linker by its


Always touch a metal object before

touching the antenna to discharge any

accumulated static electricity.



Your Throttle May Need ASoftware Upgrade

Check your T9000 throttle software revision number. It must show revision


1.3 or higher. If not, it will need to be returned to CVP Products for a free software upgrade. You pay the shipping charges to

return the throttle to CVP. CVPwill pay for the return shipping.

For the RF1300 throttle, check that the label on top of the chip says GTX-8A. If not, or if you are not sure, call us for a free chip

to upgrade to the latest software. Instructions and the new chip will be sent at no charge.


Placement Suggestions:

Higher is usually better for maximum range. To


keep wiring to a minimum, consider locating the Linker near a cluster of

Activators. Multiple linkers may be used without interfering with each


Several Linkers may share a

DCPS120 power supply.


Additional wiring and

connection tips are in

t h e A c t i v a t o r ’ s

installation booklet.

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