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Price: Out of Stock
Item Number: AIR AWA
Manufacturer: AIRWIRE

The Activator The Activator is a complete accessory decoder capable of controlling four independent accessories such as switch machines. It can also control lights, signals, stationary motors, pumps and relays. Just about any kind of DC device can be directly controlled by the Activator. If it controls a relay, then any kind of device or voltage can be controlled via the relay contacts.

No Power Supply Needed - All power comes from the two wires going back to the Linker. All Activators share the same two wires.

Four Independent Outputs - Each Activator has 4 separate and independent outputs. Each output pair is rated at 500mA or ½ amp continuous.

Compatible With All Types Of Switch Machines - This includes air-actuated machines, momentary twin coil or solenoid type machines.

Simple Setup - Absolutely no confusing programming since all controls and setup options are done from the front panel switches and dials.

With Or Without The Plastic Case - The Activator is available in a rugged enclosure with pluggable terminal strips or without an enclosure for mounting inside line-side structures. Either version features the same capabilities. The bare board version uses standard terminal strips permanently mounted to the board.

Local Push-Button Inputs - In addition to being remotely activated, a modular jack allows the use of push buttons

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